Why Was This Stricken From WH Immigration Draft Plan?

The White House draft of its amnesty plan has dropped a key piece of the immigration plan. The Anti-Sanctuary Cities Act has been stricken from the proposed plan. Can someone explain why that has happened? Did IQ’s just suddenly drop while I was out for a cup of coffee? Maybe there is a secondary program that we do not know about. The president has the Democrats back to the wall over the government shutdown they ran. they do not have the immigration moral high ground that they thought they had. The President can write his own ticket. So why the change?

As Written and Reported By John Binder for Breitbart: 

A draft of an amnesty plan for illegal aliens by White House advisers specifically excludes cracking down on sanctuary city jurisdictions, which harbor criminal illegal aliens from federal immigration officials.

In a draft copy obtained by Breitbart News of the White House’s plan



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