Why was this highly respected editor banned from Twitter?

Why was a highly respected conservative editor banned from Twitter? Why is this such an important issue? To begin with, Twitter has so far given no reason for banning Bridget Johnson. One can only assume that her conservative views were somehow offensive o their terms of service.

Their liberal stance is becoming well known. The second issue is that Twitter, Facebook, and Google are becoming the new Town Square. if there is no free speech there, what recourse do conservatives have? Is regulation in the future?

As Written By Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

The Twitter account of respected journalist and PJ Media Washington editor Bridget Johnson was suspended a week ago.  Despite repeated efforts to discover why, Twitter has remained silent.

Paula Bolyard of PJ Media:

According to Twitter’s Help Center, there are two types of suspension – a temporary timeout that results in reinstatement in a matter of hours,



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