Why Trump Should Offer Tulsi Gabbard a Senior Role in His Administration

Anyone who’s been reading me for more than a couple of days understands that I have serious reservations about Donald Trump. My concerns stem primarily from his authoritarian tendencies, as well as his stated disregard for civil liberties. Nevertheless, as I outlined in my post-election piece, Americans Roll the Dice With President Donald Trump, I very much want Trump to succeed, because this country needs him to succeed. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens are suffering under the weight of undue financial burdens, largely the result of an economy completely controlled by unethical and ruthless oligarchs thanks to their bought and paid for political stooges. This unholy union needs to be shattered before this country can be “made great again.”

Will Trump actually do what needs to be done? I have my doubts, but doubt isn’t going to lead to positive change. In these early months before Trump picks all of…



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