Guns. Bullying. Mental illness. Psychiatric medications. Violent videogames. Fatherlessness. The desire for fame.

Many reasons are invoked to explain why, more and more frequently in today’s America, young men are turning into mass murderers.

Yet the absurdly politicized debate over core causes and prevention strategies generates far more heat than light. Liberals blame guns, the National Rifle Association and Republicans, while conservatives blame fatherlessness, godlessness and gun-free zones. But just as with most other life-and-death issues plaguing today’s painfully divided America, true consensus as to causes and cures always seems out of reach.

The March 2018 issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine – “WHY KIDS BECOME KILLERS: Confronting and reversing the moral disintegration of America” – explores this crisis honestly, deeply and insightfully, and it offers genuine solutions.

Before even delving into all the powerful factors involved, Whistleblower starts by documenting something overlooked by almost everyone – the



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