Why Is It the Government’s Role to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies?

When I was younger and in my childbearing years, it was my and my husband’s responsibility to take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies. To begin with there was no sex before marriage, at least for us. For the first few years of marriage, we took appropriate measures, at our expense, to prevent my getting pregnant until we were ready to have kids.

We had been married for three and a half years before we decided to have kids. Tragically, my pregnancy ended with a miscarriage two days after our house was lit on fire by an arsonist. We were one of 10 locations in town hit that week by an arsonist that never was caught. We firmly believe that the person responsible for igniting our house is guilty of the murder of our unborn child.

Less than two years later, we were blessed with a daughter, who just turned 40…



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