Why Hasn’t Judge Roy Moore Conceded?

To almost all observers, Judge Roy Moore has been defeated in his bid for Senator from Alabama. The Judge is going to ask for a recount. It is his privilege under Alabama law. The chances of overturning the vote count seem very slim. In the meantime, Democrat Doug Jones is claiming victory. Is this a bellwether for 2016?

As Written By Heather Sells for CBN News:

The reliably red state of Alabama appears to have gone blue, at least for one race. Democrat Doug Jones is declaring victory in a special Senate election, leading by one and a half percentage points.

So far, however, Republican Roy Moore is not conceding, despite trailing Jones by more than 20,000 votes.

“When the vote is this close then it’s not over,” Moore said Tuesday night. “Wait on God and let the process play out.”

The Alabama Secretary of State says it’s highly unlikely that a



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