Why Globalists are so upset with President Trump over Alleged S***hole Countries Comment

For a moment you need to ask yourself why are the globalists, the alt-left, and the mainstream media in such a tizzy over one word from President Trump. It is a common word used by ordinary people to use as an adjective sometimes. They have all heard it and used it. What they did not like was the President asking why we needed more of a lower class of immigrant. He is a businessman and does not run a charity. Read this article and see what the real end game is. Don’t wind up being controlled.

As Written by LEO HOHMANN For His Website leohohmann.com:

One thing I have learned after years of observing the globalists and their cadre of bought-and-paid-for politicians is that the issue being hammered in the media is never the real issue or goal of any given program or policy.

Let me explain.

President Trump got in hot



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