Why Doesn’t Mainstream Media Demand Democrats Denounce Farrakhan?

Sometimes media bias has nothing to do with what reporters say, but what they don’t say.

Recently, we’ve learned additional members of the Democratic Party have a relationship with the racist and anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, whose hatred has been a well-known fact for well over a decade. But when Farrakhan released new hatred this past weekend the MSM did not question his relationship with the party.

Listen, Jewish people don’t have no hands that are free of the blood of us. They owned slave ships, they bought and sold us. They raped and robbed us. Louis Farrakahn  Saviours Day February 2005

I’m not sure what the bigot was talking about, during the time period Farrakhan said we were raping black people, my Jewish ancestors were in eastern Europe getting beaten up and raped by Cossacks other local Jew-haters.

“These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that



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