Why Does The Media Want A Race War?

Why does the media want a race war?

Seriously. Why?

Because they are actively engaged in promoting one. When the stories of two black men who died under questionable circumstances at the hands of white police officers floods our news and is pushed virally through social media, while other stories in the exact same time period are just as horrific, yet ignored.

You have to ask…Why?

Over the July 4th weekend more than SIXTY people were shot in Chicago with four dead. Sixty! That is a national outrage…is it not?

According to USA Today  Chicago has tallied 329 deaths this year alone…in 6 months!

Is that not staggering news?

That’s worse than what happened the Surge Nightclub in Florida or at least as bad. Yet there is very little coverage of it. Why?

Most all of the dead are black. Shouldn’t that cause an outcry all the way to Washington DC?





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