Why Did The Senate Wait Until Now To Reveal This?

The United States Senate has released information on the number of settlement dollars that have been spent by the Office of Compliance in harassment settlements. Would you believe that the total figure was %1.5 Million dollars since 1998? 

Not only was this information released on a holiday weekend, but thy Senate Rules and Administration Committee has been up a reason not to release names of who was involved. Like in the old television Dragnet series, the names were changed (not released) to protect the innocent. 

There were more cases than just sexual harassment, however. Discrimination and other types of personnel issues were covered. Also of note is the fact that more than just Senator offices were represented. How is that possible?

As Written and Reported By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller:

As the Christmas holiday weekend set in, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee released a report revealing the Senate has spent $1.5 million on



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