Why did Chelsea Clinton Have to Deny Worshiping Satan?

Chelsea Clinton is in hot water after she wished a well-known Satanic organization a “Happy New Year” on Twitter Tuesday night.

The full exchange, which ultimately included The Church of Satan, Chrissy Teigen and Hooters culminated in Chelsea wishing the satanic group a “Happy New Year.” The Church of Satan for its part responded in kind.

Because of the pleasant exchange, some on Twitter asked if Chelsea worships Satan or aligns with the churches teachings.

Oh goodness gracious. We can be civil, cheerful, respectful to & friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs. Sometimes, we even marry them. I’m a Methodist & my husband is Jewish, thank you for asking. A very happy New Year to you Rhonda! https://t.co/8UH9SP8EWO

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) January 3, 2018

The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians’ traditions. I’ve never been in a church with



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