‘Why are people still allowed to have 5 kids?’

Donald Trump Jr. and family with Donald and Melania Trump

When Donald Trump Jr. appeared at the White House Easter egg hunt last Sunday with his estranged wife, Vanessa, and their five children, Comedy Central comedienne Nikki Glaser saw something she thought was very wrong.

“Don Jr and his wife have FIVE kids. No one should be having five kids. Why are people still allowed to have five kids?” she tweeted.

Amid a backlash, Glaser deleted the tweet.

But Ben Shapiro, on his news site the Daily Wire, noted that feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte recently made the same point.

Marcotte was responding to a tweet from Catholic author and radio/TV host Patrick Madrid that featured a photo of his wife and 11 children.

Marcotte wrote: “Imagine if some woman was like, ‘Here are my 11 cats.’ Would we think her sane? Praise her generosity? Nope! We would be disturbed.”

Shapiro commented

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