Why America Needs A Military Parade!

There is nothing quite like a Military Parade. That is my opinion and seems to be that of President Donald Trump. As the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, he can pretty much order up a parade if he wants one. That is just about what has happened. That is the upside of this patriotic story. It is now time for the snowflakes to melt and the Trump resisters to go loud and vocal. I can hear the voices now. The sound bites will be flowing.

As Written and Reported By Benny Johnson for the Daily Caller:

President Trump made headlines this week calling for a good ol’ fashioned military parade.

According to reports, Trump said he wanted “a parade like the one in France.” A source told The Washington Post, “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.” According to the story, Trump wanted a monster parade through



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