Who Created The Fake Smear Attempt on Senator Chuck Schumer?

At best, it was a clumsy attempt to smear Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, with a smear of sexual harassment. It was distributed anonymously but directly to various news outlets. The Senator’s office turned the document over to the authorities for an investigation. Who was behind this and what were they trying to accomplish? There are a couple of theories here for you to read.

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

A little something that fell through the cracks last night amid the frenzy over Alabamageddon. Some speculated on Twitter that this sounds like Project Veritas’s handiwork. Eh, not really. I understand why they might think that but PV’s stock in trade is secretly recorded undercover stings. The document described here was apparently sent anonymously online. There was no drama to capture.

Plus, it wasn’t sent only to liberal outlets to see if they’d bite on a forgery. It was



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