When lacking evidence of collusion, what do the Dems do?

For a year or more now, the Democrats and their mainstream media minions have been seeing evidence of collusion at every turn. Each week and sometimes daily, the headlines erupt that the evidence has been discovered that will tie President Donald Trump to the Russians. That tune has been played for a long time and even the minions are getting tired of it. What then, will be the new strategy to commit a coup against a legally elected President? You do what any good liberal would do, you go re-define the meanings of the terms. Just look at this grasping of straws.

As Written and Reported By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

Democrats accused the Trump campaign of working with the Russian hackers who stole campaign emails 13 months into the Trump presidency, Democrats still have no proof of collusion Now they’re trying to change the definition of “collusion” to keep the



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