What’s with AG Sessions?

As long as we are into conspiracies, here is an article asking if AG Sessions is the victim of some kind of collusion. Senator Sessions was a staunch conservative Senator. In his new position as Attorney General of the United States, there seems to be a reluctance of his department to cooperate with Congress. You have seen complaints of stonewalling by various committees. Has someone got to the Attorney General? Here are some speculations for you to read through.

As Written By Robert Arvay for the American Thinker:

Let’s begin with some accusations.  They are well founded and as credible as any against Roy Moore – perhaps more so.

The FBI’s first director, J. Edgar Hoover, was reputed to have compiled incriminating dossiers on just about every top office-holder in Washington, D.C., up to and including the presidents, under several of whose tenures Hoover served.  Whenever there was talk of firing



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