Whatever … “Post-Employed,” Talentless Chelsea Handler Mocks Trump Supporters’ IQs

At the risk of raising the fairly obvious question, “Why would anyone anywhere care what Chelsea Handler thinks?” the never-was-funny “comedian,” who currently has the same “employer” as Colin Kaepernick, Hillary Clinton and now Keith Olbermann, who announced his exit from political talk, tweeted yesterday that IQ tests are in order for anyone who does not believe that President Trump is actually an employee of … DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! … “the Russians.”

Chelsea Handler (Slightly cropped public-domain image courtesy of Flickr; Asa Mathat/Fortune MPW.)

Handler, who is 42, never-married and childless (although the veteran of two abortions which she, for whatever reason, openly discusses the way normal people talk about the weather) apparently was also of the belief that the proper location for getting one’s intelligence quotient assessed is “their local zoo.”

Anyone who still doesn’t believe that @realDonaldTrump is working for the Russians should go get their IQ tested



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