What We Gain If God Gives Us Our Rights

In the last post I did concerning our rights, we discovered several consequences of God being the source of our rights.  We said that this meant that these rights were limited.  We were created to live in a manner that points to God’s glory.  We do this by living freely, within the confines of God’s set moral parameters.

I wrote last time

We will now begin to look at the consequences of this truth.  Namely, that we are given liberty through Christ but not licentiousness.  God, having made man in His Image gave him the freedom to act in accordance with His nature.  So then, when we discuss rights, we are discussing the freedom to live for God’s glory.

So, then, having been granted our rights by God, to live for His glory, we then gain a great benefit.  A benefit we will glean in this post.  The…



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