What This Country Is Missing Is God

We already knew that this political season was one of the most uncivil and bizarre in modern America history, but now we’ve reached an unprecedented level of division. Even one of our nation’s two major political parties is splintering from within. Where will this dismay and disunity end?

Whether it is the reaction to offensive comments by a presidential candidate, shootings of unarmed black men and police, subsequent riots or frustration with our political stalemate, the anger among Americans continues to build.

Should we think that after one of the most contentious and polarizing presidential elections in our country’s modern history, either candidate will be able to bring moral leadership and reconcile our torn communities?

While politicians and pundits are quick to point fingers, neither a divisive election cycle nor even a political ideology precipitated the unstable scenes playing out across America. No, this uncivil campaign season merely exposed—and further inflamed—a nation already divided…



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