What Mitt Romney Just Did Most Likely Tanked His Senate Chances

It would make no sense for Mitt Romney to rebrand himself as the New John McCain. That is apparently what his first instinct is to do. He has let that be known to the Utah delegation recently. Mr. Romney has donned several stances as a politician and one more change would not make or break him. Is there a better strategy he could use? The writer of this article thinks so.

As Written and Reported by Allahpundit for Hot Air:

A fun leftover from this Friday profile of Romney’s sureshot Senate campaign in Utah. News broke this afternoon that he was treated successfully for prostate cancer this past year, a personal detail that doubtless would have remained private unless he was about to reenter public life and wanted any information that might give voters pause disclosed early, before his next campaign begins in earnest.

He’s getting in. And he’s going full anti-Trump.

“There’s got to be somebody



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