What is More Tantalizing? These Exotic Locations or the Model Who Poses There

Sarah Kohan’s pictures are like those of many models who appear in teeny weeny bikinis, but what is different is her locations, which include many of the most exotic places on Earth.  But of course the bikinis take nothing away from the pictures.  In fact, I kinda like them.

 Self-proclaimed travel junkie and adventurer who rose to fame as the Moonstruck Traveller on Instagram. She’s best known for sharing her latest adventures traveling the globe to places such as London, France, Thailand and Maui.

Before Fame
She studied law at Harvard University.

Her Instagram account boasts over 450,000 followers and counting.

Family Life
Her real name is Sarah Kohan. She’s originally from Sydney, Australia.

Associated With
She is a travel junkie…



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