What does Bible say about end times and Israel?

End times prophecies are as old as time.

An Assyrian tablet dating to several thousand years before Christ claims Earth was in its final days back then.

A Norse story tells of giants of frost and fire who will battle to the end.

There’s probably no resource, however, that provides more information about the last days than the Bible, from the days of Noah to the Antichrist and Armageddon.

The problem has been that information isn’t always understood.

Just look at the reports in recent days and weeks. They include: “Apocalyptic Christians are Hoping Trump Will Usher in the End Times,” “Jim Bakker says the Death of Billy Graham Is a Sign the End Times Have Begun” and “In Lenten message, pope evokes end-times to describe ‘great tribulation.’”

But coming this week is a rare joint television appearance of four recognized experts in the field of prophecy.




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