WHAT? Chris Matthews Gives A Warning To Democrats?

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is not one to take President Donald Trump lightly. Although he is susceptible to having tingly sensations in his legs, he does not get one of those around President Donald Trump. Mr. Matthews is insistent that the Democrats do not get to wound up in patting themselves on the back before the 2016 season is even started. 

Mr. Mattews paid attention to the President and remarked upon the quality of the speech. There are also some poling numbers that support Matthew’s points of concern. 

As Written and Reported Tony Lee for Breitbart: 

President Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday convinced MSNBC host Chris Matthews that Trump will be extremely tough to beat in 2020 even if Democrats take back Congress in 2018.

Matthews said on his Hardball show this week that though Democrats are giddy about potentially sweeping away Republican incumbents in the fall, a good year in 2018



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