Welfare Queen Mother of 12 Robs Parking Meters for $12,000

Cheryl Prudham, 34, is a mother of 12 children who has been dubbed “Queen of the Benefits” as she collects nearly fifty thousand a year from the government.  A few months ago, someone took pictures of her shopping for a Mercedes.  Now it turns out that she had a sideline going also.  She and her estranged husband,  Robert Prudham, 31, are accused of stealing almost $13,000 from various parking meters.  Now, she wants another baby to increase her benefits.  She says she plans to spend the extra money on a boob job and a tummy tuck.  I thought the benefits were for the kids?

 She recently revealed she wants another child, which she plans to have through a sperm donor. She says she’s addicted to getting pregnant.

When Cheryl and Robert were still…



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