Welcome to 1984: Twitter to monitor, sanction users for offline behavior

On Friday, Breitbart.com reported that Twitter now plans to monitor the offline behavior of so-called “verified” users — those with a blue check mark by their name — to determine whether their actions are within Twitter’s rules.

According to The Verge:

The gist is this: if a user breaks Twitter’s rules on Twitter — that is to say, by tweeting — that user will still be disciplined in all the usual ways, a spokesperson said. What’s new is that Twitter now plans to do at least some monitoring of verified users’ offline behavior as well, to determine whether it is consistent with its rules. If it isn’t, users can lose their badges. And so a hypothetical verified user who tweeted nothing but pictures of kittens but organized Nazi rallies for a living could now retain his tweeting privileges, but lose his verification badge.

Here’s the key phrase: “Reasons for



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