Week 13: NFL Attendance Crisis Continues! Empty Seats Greatly Outnumber Spectators!

The NFL attendance crisis has continued its downward spiral as this last week has shown ratings and attendance continue to drop.

Last week’s Thursday and Monday Night Football broadcasts closed out Week 12 with new lows in metered markets.

But the pictures of almost empty stadiums tell the real story. Keep in mind that game tickets are heavily priced on supply and demand, and that the ticket prices are at historic lows as well. 49er’s tix went as low as the price of two pretzels.

But now teams are having a real hard time filling seats! They still cannot fill the seats. Colin Kaepernick broke football!

To note just a few…Met Life stadium, for one, didn’t show too much life as the New York Jets faced down the Kansas City Chiefs in a close 38-31 game.

Chiefs-Jets #NFL RT @jringler29: @[me]Jets fans fed up? pic.twitter.com/4UqosgFq40

— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) December



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