We Need A Comeback: Churches and Family Values in America

Churches in early America were so critical for taking care of the sick and the poor. Now, churches have a tarnished reputation it seems. A lot of millennials kneejerk at the thought of “religion” or “going to church on Sunday”. Spending an hour once a week is not the only function of the church.

Churches and Family Values in America

Soup kitchens, food drives, and shelter are all things better left to individual local townships. The church in this regard should be the staple of the local community. Church and religion preach morale principles. A perfect place to demonstrate kindness for fellow man.

The liberal agenda – attempting to remove “God” from several documents (including the Pledge of Allegiance), limit religion in school, dismiss religion as “liars”, etc have ultimately come back to hurt the sustainability of the citizenry via the Demonization of religion.

Regardless of your faith (including atheism),…



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