We may be observing a political power shift of epic proportions

This potential power shift could be a nightmare for political progressives who depend upon their mainstream media minions for total support. The liberal media has skewed so far to the left and is so partisan that even Democrat party voters do not trust them anymore. There are now some big money names in the market for media outlets of their own. Here is a glimpse of what may be just around the corner.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Realistic political analysts have always believed that their dominance of mainstream media has always added to the vote totals of Democrats and progressives. President Trump’s excoriation of fake news is an attempt to lessen that advantage by helping credibility erode faster than ever from the major media outlets.

But now a different kind of threat is emerging, and we can expect screams of outrage if a couple of billionaires follow through



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