Watch: Punk Beats, Bloodies Desperate Trooper, Then a Cowboy Rolls up

You just have to love it when some punk gets what’s coming to him, don’t you? I mean talk about a low-life, scumbag. But America is still reeling after all the years of Obama and his support for groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’. There is no doubt that Obama didn’t respect the men/women in blue that patrol our cities and protect our citizens, as they risk their lives every day.

WABC-TV reported that a New York state trooper pulled over a vehicle near Exit 19S on Long Island and a struggle ensued. The trooper made the stop because he saw the driver texting while driving. When the officer stopped the car, the driver, 29-year-old Kyheem Kelly became combative when he was told his vehicle would have to be towed because his insurance was suspended. Kelly then assaulted the officer, so the trooper attempted to arrest him. Kelly then sped off



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