Watch: Off-Duty Cop Drops Thug in Costco, Stops America’s Next Mass Killing!

There’s a reason why we have the 2nd Amendment. There’s also a reason why it’s good to have a good guy with a gun, when a bad guy with a gun shows up. Thank goodness the citizens in Kansas voted for ‘conceal and carry’ too, otherwise this could have been a disaster.

Capt. Michael Howell of the Kansas City (Kansas) Police Department proved that yet again when he dropped a thug in a Costco who could have been America’s next mass shooter.

The incident happened last month but the video was just released last week, according to the Kansas City Star. It shows how Howell managed to kill Ronald O. Hunt.

It happened on Nov. 26 in a Costco in Lenexa, Kansas. According to Howell, he was in the store when he heard Hunt say, “I’m an off-duty U.S. Marshal, I’m here to kill people.”

“I knew that there was a threat that had



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