WATCH: Know-it-all liberal has NOTHING to say after this…

The liberal media has spent days fawning over the brutal North Korean regime.

Dozens of liberal newspapers and cable news outlets — from CNN to The Washington Post to MSNBC to PBS — went out of their way to compliment and praise North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong Un and his family.

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For days, the liberal media heaped praise on a bloodthirsty communist dictatorship responsible for the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had something to say about that — and he wanted liberal leader Deirdre Griswold, the head of communist organization the Workers World Party, to hear it.

She tried to defend the brutal repression of millions and claim it’s a better system than America — but she looked stunned when Carlson turned the whole thing around on her.

Griswold tried to



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