[WATCH] CNN Don Lemon Meltdown! Triggered By Conservative and Cuts to Commercial Break

CNN host Don Lemon had a total meltdown on camera when faced with conservative facts and proceeded to just hide behind a commercial!

Aside from being a media hack, CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon seems to be very sensitive on certain topics.

In this case, he was discussing the FBI investigation into Russian collusion and election meddling with a panel when he got triggered by conservative pundit Ben Ferguson.

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What did Ben do? He mentioned Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s scandals.

Don Lemon got so perturbed, at one point he cut off the guest and went to a commercial break. Then he started lecturing the guest afterwards. He bullied Ferguson and berated him for daring to speak about anything other than Trump and the Russian dossier investigation. What a putz.

It was pointless for Ferguson to even try to reason with Don Lemon. He’s as leftist as



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