Was THIS The Final Resting Place of Amelia Earhart?

FINALLY the mystery and whereabouts of aviator Amelia Earhart may be solved!

Bones discovered on Pacific island are ‘99% certain to be hers’ says scientist. A forensic anthropologist supports the theory that Amelia Earhart crash-landed on a remote island and died a castaway.

The decades-old mystery over the disappearance of Amelia Earhart has been cracked with 99% certainty, according to a top scientist probing the case.

The famous aviator, Amelia Earhart disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean during an attempted round-the-world flight in 1937.

Amelia Earhart, her plane and her navigator, Fred Noonan, were never found, and the mystery of what happened to them continues to fascinate to this day.

But now an expert on skeletal biology, Richard Jantz of the University of Tennessee in the US city of Knoxville, believes he has cracked the case – claiming bones found on a Pacific island are ‘99% likely’ to be



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