WARNING…. Epic Meltdown In Progress

By the way that Chelsea Handler had a meltdown over a global warming tweet, it is obvious that the president is living within her head. President Trump noted how cold it was in the Eastern United States and made an off-hand and humorous remark. That was all it took for comedian Chelsea Handler to go nuclear. Do you think that her anger excuses the rudeness in her response? Rude and crude seems to be the watchword of the alt-left. read her response here.

As Written and Reported By Hannity Staff for Hannity.com:

Comedian and well-respected climatologist Chelsea Handler went off on President Trump following his light-hearted tweet regarding global warming on Thursday, telling the Commander-in-Chief to take a thermometer and “shove it up his a**” after Trump urged east coast residents to “bundle up” as temperatures plunge.

The full-time Trump hater unloaded on the President on social media, calling Trump a “dumba**” and



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