WaPo Caught Manipulating Alabama Poll Data

This time it is the Washington Post that has been caught manipulating the Alabama poll data. It is a very simple process that they used to get a poll to show poorly for Judge Roy Moore. You have to pay attention to who gets asked what before you can make an assessment.

Judge Roy Moore has been under attack by accusations of sexual misconduct. Despite that, all other polls have shown that the Judge holding a lead against his Democrat opponent. Then the WaPo appears on the scene and the good judge’s numbers are suddenly in the toilet. 

How does that happen? It is not hard if you are a professional pollster. You can control it by the questions asked and be the sampling of who gets asked the questions. here is how that worked in this case. here are the numbers.

As Written By Michael Patrick Leahey for Breitbart: 

A new Washington Post poll



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