Want asylum? Hand over your cell phone

Migrants pour into Sweden, which has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the E.U.

The immigration crisis in Europe has been raging for the last few years or more. Hundreds of thousands of people from Muslim-held regions across the Middle East as well as across northern Africa have been coming into European countries.

Evidence documents the increased stabbings across the U.K., the assaults on girls in Germany, and more.

Now Austria is adopting measures to rein in that activity.

The Austrian cabinet this week approved a plan that would have asylum seekers hand over about $1,040 in cash to authorities, along with their cell phones.

According to a report in the Local, the money would be used for the costs of their applications.

The phones?

The geo-location data would be reviewed to see whether it matches their own accounts of where they’ve been, and how they arrived in



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