Wall Street Journal Gives ASTOUNDING Report On What The Tax Cuts Will Do For The Economy

It was an AMAZING moment at the Wall Street Journal when the impact of the tax cuts on 2018 was analyzed. It was expected that the cuts in the tax reform plan by the GOP would be positive. What was not anticipated was how strong a positive impact that it would be. This article in the WSJ is pretty clear on where we are headed next year. You can thank The Donald later if you wish.

As Written By John Carney for Breitbart: 

Tax cuts are going to grow the economy by much more than expected.

That’s the verdict of the Wall Street Journal‘s prestigious “Heard on the Street” column. Importantly, Heard on the Street is run by the news side of the WSJ, not its tax-cut loving editorial page. So there’s no particular pro-tax cut or pro-Republican bias at work here.

Justin Lahart of Heard writes:

There were several surprises for investors



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