Wait, What? Neighborhood DNA Testing Dog Poop to Charge Offending Owners

Having a dog in the city isn’t easy. In a Des Moines, Iowa Metro neighborhood it just got a little more difficult.

You have to walk your dog constantly. You have to find a suitable place for your furry friend to do his business as well. You may  have a backyard to let FIDO run free, but what happens if he drops a deuce while you’re out walking?

You have to pick it up in an eco-friendly bag of course, and carry that poop home to dispose of it properly. It’s comes with the duties of dog ownership.

What happens if you either don’t have a bag or just don’t like picking up your dog’s doo doo?

You could be caught and fined! Watch the local news report explaining the poopy situation.

You may think, they won’t know whose dog poop that is laying the yard.

But the hand of…



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