WA Senate gallery gun ban challenged by GOP state senator

Washington State Capitol building (Dave Workman) Gun rights activists on the capitol steps in Olympia, Washington. (Dave Workman)

A ban on all firearms, even those carried concealed by properly licensed citizens, in the Washington State Senate viewer galleries is being challenged by a Republican State senator who said in a letter to Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib that “the policy is illegal.”

State Sen. Phil Fortunato (31st District) hand-delivered the letter to Habib’s office late Tuesday. It was Habib, a Democrat, who announced Monday that he had issued an order to the Senate sergeant at arms that all firearms will be banned from the public galleries. There have been no reported incidents of problems involving legally-armed private citizens in the Senate galleries. About three years ago, about two-dozen people who had been attending a gun rights rally on the Capitol steps broke away from the main group and entered the House



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