WA Democrats see ‘Window of opportunity’ for more gun restrictions

(Dave Workman)

Washington State Democrats want to ratchet down in the rights of gun owners. (Dave Workman)

Washington State Democrats see a window of opportunity that may vanish with the 2018 elections next fall, so they appear to be moving fast to enact as many restrictions on gun owners as possible during the upcoming legislative session.

As if to confirm predictions, Democrats announced their legislative agenda that should serve as a signal to gun rights activists in other states about what could happen if liberals take charge of state legislatures. The election of Democrat Manka Dhingra to the Washington State Senate in a special election has given Democrats a slim majority.

“Our children are scared,” Dhingra declared to the Redmond Reporter.

Topping their wish list is dismantling of state preemption. Washington has one of the oldest preemption statutes – which place sole authority for gun regulation in the hands of the



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