VP Pick Mike Pence Crosses The Party Line On Climate Change

Mike Pence Breaks From Trump (Image: MGN)

After Monday’s debate Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s Vice President, came forward to talk about climate change. He went against everything Trump said and said that climate control is man-made and a serious concern. Mike Pence believes that we must, “…follow the science,” to move forward.

Climate change has always been a topic that is frequently talked about. It’s also one of those topics that people feel very passion about. You’re either going to find someone who supports it or is against it, there isn’t many in between.

This is true with Mike Pence, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s Vice President pick. For those of us that watched the debate on Monday, we know what Trump’s stance is. So, you would assume that Pence would be toting the same flag and spreading their concepts on how to progress forward, right? That’s not what happened.




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