Virginian Mayor Caught Trading Meth For Sex

Politics Aren’t The Only Corrupt Thing About D.C. (Image: MGN)

The Mayor of Fairfax, Virginia, Scott Silverthorne, was arrested for distributing methamphetamine for sexual encounters. He apparently was using a website that connected men for casual encounters to distribute the drug. The local police had received a tip about the operation and sent an undercover officer to meet with Silverthorne.

Fairfax, Virginia, ever heard of it? I haven’t either, but apparently, the small town has some dark secrets. The mayor of Fairfax, Virgina, R. Scott Silverthorne was arrested yesterday for drug charges. Not just any kind of drug charges, though. Mayor Silverthorne was the victim of a sting. The police were investigating a “meth-for-sex” operation in the area and the Mayor happened to be a loyal customer.

The scandal just gets more interesting. The Fairfax County Police Department got a tip about a possible distributor of methamphetamine. They began digging…



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