Virgin Built A Levitating Hyperloop

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At speeds faster than a commercial jet, fitted with Rolls-Royce-like Luxury, and spurred on by billionaire brains like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, the Hyperloop is about to rewrite history. Make no mistake about it, the world of land-based transportation is about to be turned on its head.

Forget driving to work. Instead, imagine yourself slingshotting through a vacuum-sealed tube at close to the speed of sound! Before we know it, that wild idea will be a reality, thanks to none other than Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin One.

A number of companies scattered all over the world have been developing various prototypes, but Virgin has just emerged as a clear frontrunner.

Let’s take a closer look. How does this next-gen technology actually work? Where does the concept come from? And where will it be built? Gear up for an in-depth tour of the Hyperloop by Virgin One!

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Technical functionality: 0:48-2:34
The origination of the idea: 2:34-3:43
Testing: 3:43-5:03
Its benefits: 5:03-6:24
Locations: 6:24-7:47
Costs: 7:47-8:15″

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