VIDEO: What Caused CNN’s Don Lemon To Storm Off of His Own Set?

The mainstream media has fully transformed in recent weeks into a comedic circus, complete with clowns, puppets, and a freak show.

The presidency of Donald Trump has triggered a metamorphosis in the news industry, with partisan politics taking an enormous new role in the way We The People get our information.  Outlets on the left, such as CNN, have drawn a ridiculous line in the sand in a futile effort to deflect the blossoming truth about their status as “fake” news.

Even Don Lemon isn’t immune from the sticks and stones of the Free Press, but, like his liberal brethren across the nation, Lemon believes that he has the right to no be offended.  You can watch him walk off of his own television show below, after a guest points out just how faulty CNN’s reporting is.

[embedded content]

Andrew West

Andrew West

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