Video: University Falsely Accuses Students of FCC Violation

A student radio show was cancelled by the University of Minnesota-Morris after one of the hosts used the word “tranny” on-air, in which they said violated FCC rules and regulations, but forgot that freedom of speech of those students were violated and no such law prevents a student(s) from using the word, “tranny”.

What this boiled down to was that the lefty student station manager, playing political correctness, something liberals love to do.

The College Fix reported:

 “Deplorable Radio” is a weekly show on KUMM hosted by students Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann. Albrecht told The College Fix in an email that the programming is “a mix of politics, music, and some random musings about current events locally and around the world.”

The duo was notified of the cancellation two weeks ago after Albrecht used a controversial word on-air to refer to transgender individuals.

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