Video Flashback: Obama State Dept, ‘No Problem’ With Michael Flynn Contacting Russian Officials

The mainstream media have been in overdrive since Friday morning, depicting phone calls between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak as evidence of nefarious dealings by the Trump transition team.

Howard Portnoy reports that ABC News even had an uncorrected story out there for hours describing Trump’s authorization of his team’s contacts with Russians as occurring during the election campaign; i.e., before Trump was elected, and thus became the president-elect.

The problem with the whole theme is that the Obama administration was well aware of the contacts Trump and his team were engaging in with the Russians.  And had “no problem with them.”

That’s a direct quote.

First, we’ll take a second to revisit what Michael Flynn copped to in his plea on Friday.  He agrees that he made false statements about four matters of content in his phone calls with Kislyak.

According to the charging document, those false statements were that:



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