VIDEO: Bernie Praises Bread Lines And Communism

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A video has surfaced that absolutely shows the true feelings of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He goes so far as to praise bread lines and fawn over Nicuragua and Cuba.

Bernie asserts that bread lines are good for a people. He goes so far as to say that countries where people don’t line up for food the poor starve to death and the rich get all the food!

What planet is he living on?

In America, our poor have two cars, Dish Network, and a weight problem. Every city has a soup kitchen for a free lunch. Beggars usually bring in twenty to thirty bucks an hour…tax free. On almost any corner you can get a fast food cheeseburger for a dollar!

Capitalism has raised America’s standard of living to unheard of heights! Seriously…every teenager has a smart phone.

Bernie…really…bread lines are a good thing?




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