VICTORY! Italy just elected their “Trump” (election STUNS liberals!)

Two populist and stridently anti-Globalization political groups — both fierce rivals — surged in Italy’s parliamentary election at the expense of the country’s traditional powers in the nation’s election. The results are seen by many as Italy’s version of President Donald Trump — and it’s bad news for European Union-backing liberals.

With no faction winning a clear majority in Sunday’s vote, a hung Parliament was expected and long, fraught negotiations to form a new coalition government lay ahead.

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Like in the United States after Trump’s election, the mainstream media in Italy appears shell shocked.  “Ungovernable Italy” headlined The La Stampa newspaper.

Preliminary results released by Italy’s Interior Ministry showed the center-right coalition winning about 37 percent of the parliamentary vote and the populist 5-Star Movement getting about 32 percent. The leftist coalition was far behind with only



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