Vets Set the Record Straight After PBS Documentary Spreads Leftist Lies About Vietnam War

In a recent documentary called “The Vietnam War”, PBS gives a left-wing narrative of the Vietnam war – leaving out crucial facts including why we invaded North Korea in the first place. PBS also failed to mention the wonderful facts related to the horrors of communism. Of course, it doesn’t really surprise me, it’s not like the MSM likes to report accurately on the facts of the present, so why should we think they would report any differently on the past?

This week, veterans of the Vietnam War sent a letter to PBS, high-profile documentarian Ken Burns, and documentary sponsor Bank of America in an attempt to set the record straight on the facts concerning “The Vietnam War,” a PBS documentary series that’s turning a lot of heads.

American Vietnam War veterans and South Vietnamese Vietnam War veterans meet to discuss the PBS documentary on the Vietnam War by American filmmaker Ken



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