Veteran Wanted to Commit Suicide, Then Something Stopped Her

As the Veterans Day weekend comes to a close, a story about an Air Force veteran who has had three bouts with suicidal depression and came close to committing suicide but one thing stopped her from following through.

Air Force veteran, Carla Almaraz, spent four years in the Air Force but life after the service was more than she thought it would be. reports:

In 2013, the year that Carla lost her job, brought a gun to a park, and was ready to turn it on herself – 22 veterans committed suicide every day. That’s one every 65 minutes, according to a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Given that 29 states, including three of the five most populous, didn’t provide information for the study, officials believe the number was considerably higher.

“I would be dead,” Carla says. “A statistic. But as I held the gun and



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